Cheapest 85 inch tv 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

TV is a part of life now because Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime is not resisting in releasing the fantastic content. And what is better than having a cinema feel at your home with the best and cheapest 85 inch TV.

Cheapest 85 inch tv

We consider TV is a source of entertainment and ordinary people spends thousands of hours watching it and playing games on it. The huge screen doubles the fun, and if you get an impressive design, then it will double the House beauty.

So, if you are spending time watching, then we hope you like to spend a few minutes making the right decision. We made a list of top 6 TV models that you can consider getting for your house. We don’t know what you are specifically looking for and what is the best TV for you, but you must know it and learn everything beforehand so your investment won’t go in vain.

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Top 6 Best and Cheapest 85 inch tvs 2021

Let’s have a look at the best and cheapest 85 inch TV with their features and drawbacks.

  1. Sony X900H – 85 inch tv walmart

Product overview

  • Brand – Sony
  • Dimensions – 74.88 x 17.38 x 45.25 inches
  • HDMI/USB – 4 HDMI ports

With X900 series, Sony is all set to introduce new technology in its products. Perhaps it will be the best thing that happens to all gamers. Because the display technology is going to be better with 4k at 120 Hz and the HDMI 2.1 will be another surprise.

Moreover, for smoother and less to no distracting image, you will have VRR feature in this best and cheapest 85 inch TV. The colour contrast ratio and brightness level will never disappoint you with its latest quantum technology. It may be a little expensive, but it will be a great package that not only gives your house a luxurious look but also provide you with the best entertainment in your comfort zone.


  • It features HDR10, HLG and Dolby vision to give you incredible streaming experience.
  • It also offers variable refresh rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM).
  • It offers triluminous technology to enhance colour accuracy and brightness.
  • It is pretty much faster than previous models and gives a smooth user experience.
  • Grayscale accuracy is impressive along with a feature of local dimming.
  • It supports multiple voice control assistance.

Pros and Cons of Sony tv 

  • The TV has an attractive appearance with a thin silver frame.
  • It has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports and 2 USB ports
  • Android user interface
  • X-Balanced audio system is available, which is pretty much impressive.


  • Remote control is necessary; the menu button is clunky.
  • iOS users may face difficulty in understanding the interface.
  1. SAMSUNG 85-inch Class QLED Q80T Series – 85 inch tv costco

Product overview

  • Brand – Samsung
  • Dimensions – 74.5 x 42.6 x 2.2″, 95.5 lb (Without Stand)
  • HDMI/USB – 4 HDMI ports

Samsung Q80T series is a fantastic 85 inch TV which delivers fast response time with its high peak brightness. The viewing angles of the TV is also impressive and does not fade pictures or colours from a distance.

Moreover, the market considers it one of the best among competitors with excellent features in this size. Gamers will love it with its deadly combination of watching sports on a big screen and playing games with fast response time and low input lag. With the impressive sound quality, the best and cheapest 85 inch TV by Samsung is a dream come true.


  • It features incredible motion handling with its fast response time.
  • It also offers responsive game experience with extremely low input lagging.
  • It also features impressive black uniformity and full-array local dimming, making it worth having in dark rooms.
  • Built-in Alexa makes your experience more enjoyable.
  • The TV can handle VRR and ALLM. And it also includes FreeSync support for Gamers.

Pros and Cons of Samsung smart 

  • OTS Sound quality
  • Low image lagging
  • It offers terrific connectivity with 4 HDMI ports


  • Lacks of Dolby vision
  • Not attractive appearance
  1. SAMSUNG 85-inch Class QLED Q950T Series – Best 85 inch tv

Product overview

  • Brand – Samsung
  • Dimensions – 74.5 x 42.6 x 2.2″
  • HDMI/USB – Available

Samsung Q950T series is another masterpiece of the brand. The design of the TV is decent, sleek with an almost 1-2 centimetres wide frame. Also, it comes with numbers of features to mount it on the wall and have a luxurious look. The connectivity system is well hidden to appear but easily accessible for your convenience.

Furthermore, you will get to find lots of entertainment option on the menu. Samsung never disappoints you with the display picture, so its built-in quantum allows access to a wide range of colour options and the LED backlight with local dimming enhance the brightness and contrast ratio.


  • It features a Tizer user interface with sharp graphics and accurate colours to enhance display performance.
  • The remote control connects with Bluetooth for easy yet fast command.
  • It also supports the VRR and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), which is good news for all the gamers.
  • It assures quantum display for brightness and colour accuracy.
  • Object Tracking Sound + will surprise you with an array of eight speakers.


Pros and Cons of Sony tv 

  • It supports HDMI 2.1
  • It assures 8k resolution content
  • Design and appearance is attractive
  • The display is bright and rich with details


  • Lacking Dolby vision
  • Expensive
  1. Sony X950H – Best 85 inch tv 2021

Product overview

  • Brand – Sony
  • Dimensions – 75 1/4″W x 43 3/8″H x 3″D
  • HDMI/USB – 4 HDMI ports

Sony came in the market with extraordinary improvements and advanced technology. Sony X950H is exceptionally a great product that uses Android as its Smart platform. The user interface is user-friendly, and you will be able to find all the apps, including HBO Max and Disney Plus.

If we talk about the display quality and performance, then we know that Sony TVs always prefers the natural look with incredible colour accuracy and contrast ratio. You will get the most with a stunning and decent appearance with Dolby vision.


  • It features 4k HDR resolution for more extraordinary picture quality experience
  • The appearance is super attractive with a slim and sleek design along with the thin bezel.
  • It is a smart Android TV with Google Assistant voice control.
  • It also supports Apple Airplay 2 to connect your iPhone devices for content sharing and home management.
  • Game mode will give you a smoother, fast and more responsive gaming experience to take your gaming craze to the next level.
  • To make sure the local dimming for brighter highlights and details in dark scenes, Sony surprises you with Full-Array LED.

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Pros and Cons of Sony smart tv 

  • It supports easy Bluetooth connection.
  • Built-in WiFi is a plus point
  • Dolby vision will make you ecstatic
  • Triluminous display will make sure you see what a creator wants you to see.


  • It does not support HDMI 2.1
  • It does not support VRR.
  1. Samsung Q70 Series – 85 inch tv samsung

Product overview

  • Brand – Samsung
  • Dimensions – 74.8″ W x 42.9″ H x 2.6″ D
  • HDMI/USB – 4 HDMI and 2 USB ports

Samsung always surprises you with its updated models and this best and cheapest 85 inch TV by the brand with lots of fantastic features and stunning design is a big mood this year. The build quality of the TV is excellent, though it is plastic but with a reliable and sturdy look.

You may not get wide viewing angles and black filter, but the brand will cover you with its outstanding AI processing and built-in entertainment Apps. The black levels, direct backlighting, Ambient mode and VA panel are some of the features that attract you towards the TV. Besides, it is an excellent deal with necessary features at this price.

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  • It offers an Array of Backlighting which enhances black and white contrasts.
  • To provide sharp details to the content, It has a built-in 4k fast processor.
  • It offers an on-screen guide for better understanding.
  • The stunning and bezel-free design of the TV is a whole mood itself.
  • It features smart speakers with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.
  • The picture quality is impressive with HDR support.


Pros and Cons of Samsung smart 

  • It supports Bixby voice control that understands three languages.
  • 100% colour volume with quantum dot technology
  • It supports local dimming
  • Thin borders add plus points to the appearance
  • Cutting-edge features worth the price.



  • Viewing angles are a little disappointing.
  • It lacks Dolby Vision.
  1. Sony XBR-85X950G – Best Sony tv 2021

Product overview

  • Brand – Sony
  • Dimensions –  75.25 x 16.25 x 46.50 inches
  • HDMI/USB – 4 HDMI ports

The last best and cheapest 85 inch TV on our list is again from Sony. It is an excellent brand full of surprises. It will deliver you outstanding display performance with peak brightness and an impressive contrast ratio. The size will give you a nice look and increase the beauty of the room.

Also, with an ultra-fast processor, the TV assures a fast response time with incredible black uniformity. The design of the TV is relatively simple with thin bezels and less branding on it. The colour accuracy of the TV is exceptionally out of the box, making it one of the worthy purchase in that size.

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  • It features low input lag
  • SDR and HDR peak brightness is like a pie on the cake
  • Reflection handling quality is amazing
  • Trimulinous display makes sure the vivid colours and HDR mapping
  • For Smart home management and content sharing, iPhone users can connect the TV through Apple Airplay 2
  • Besides the contrast ratio, you can enable local dimming for dark room viewing.

Pros and Cons of Sony tv 

  • Fast response time
  • It supports Alexa voice control
  • No Motion Blur technology to watch fast-moving actions


  • It does not support VRR.
  • Poor viewing angles

Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best TV for the house would be the most challenging task ever. It is a source of entertainment, so you don’t want to get the device who can not even give you fun moments. Hence, you must be careful about the purchase and invest your time and energy in gathering the relevant information.

No worries! This best TV buying guide will walk you through all the necessary details that you should know beforehand. We assume you are here at the best and cheapest 85 inch TV buyer guide, so you must decide the size you want to get.

Remember the TV size plays a vital role in your experience because the more you invest in the size, the more benefits you will likely to get. So, if you have a large enough space to fit 85 inch TV and you can afford to purchase it, then it will be the best and worthy experience.

Let’s see what necessary features you should look into before getting a most-awaited product.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution decides the number of pictures that allows t to make up the final picture on your TV display. Higher resolution means more pixels which eventually give you a sharper image and subtle details. So, if you are investing a significant amount on a big screen TV, you should look for higher resolutions.

Though TV brands are continuously enhancing in terms of resolutions because this factor decides the fate of the brand, many brands shift from full HD to Ultra HD sets, also known as 4K. The considerable benefit of 4K TVs is that no matter how small content you are watching, you will get to watch it in sharper details with richer colour contrast ratio. Eventually, you will see the pictures from a distance more comfortably than ever.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate describes the number of time a picture gets refresh on the screen. The standard rate is 60 times per second, but on some scenes, the content gets blur with this rate. So, the latest and big size TVs are now coming with 120 refresh rate to produce a more concrete picture. We advise you to make a higher refresh rate priority for better results.



Why are you even getting Smart TV with an extra big screen? Of course for better performance and convenient life. Convenience means you get to watch your phone/tablet/laptop content on your big TV screen. So, make sure you are getting more connections with the user-friendly system.

Moreover, if you’re planning to play games on your 85 inch TV, then you must need more and more HDMI ports. A game console, Roku and soundbar occupy three ports already, so make sure you have at least 4,5 ports along with USB and Ethernet ports for connectivity.

You can check our product reviews and have an idea about how many ports a standard 85 inch TV is offering.

There are so many other crucial factors that you should consider before buying. These factors were the major ones, but others are:

  • Viewing Angles: Most LED TVs has angle issues which reduce the fun of watching your favourite content from a distance. Make sure you don’t get to face this issue.
  • Brightness: LED TVs works better in terms of peak brightness, but it’s better if you have 4k resolution. It will cover everything from brightness to solid colours and contrast ratios.
  • Black Levels: If you are considering this factor, the deeper black gives you better contrast—eventually, a better picture display.
  • HDMI: Get HDMI 2.0 for better connectivity. Also, do not settle for fewer ports if you a gamer. You will face real time issue in connecting your devices.
  • Sound System: Many brands are upgrading their models with better sound systems, but still if you think the thin screens won’t produce better sound quality then invest in a good soundbar.

That’s it. We assume you now have a fair idea about what to look and what to consider before buying the best TV for your house.



  • What is the Best and cheapest 85 inch TV?

We made a list of best and cheapest 85 inch TV along with the detailed reviews. All TVs are rich with features and has been working perfectly fine for others. You can check out reviews and make your mind according to your budget and needs.

  • Which TV brand is More Reliable?

Nowadays, brands are enhancing at a fast rate because of competition, so you will get to see many reliable products from every other famous brand. But, Samsung and Sony are the old brands, and they know how to retain a customer. So, you can trust these brands for durable and advanced technology products. Also, both brands are easy to understand by anyone. Sony favours Android platform, whereas Samsung has its own Tizen platform.

  • Why is Sony TV relatively expensive than others?

Because it was a long way for Sony and the brand is not dealing with low-end TVs. You will find advanced technology with subtle designs. Also, the features will surprise you. It is a premium set that gives you a luxurious feel.


Final Words

Getting a reliable TV is not hard. You only need to have relevant information, and you must be clear about your needs and demands. When you step into the market, you will see hundreds of different brands trying to grab your attention with impressive price tags. But, do not compromise your needs for a few dollars because it is a one time purchase that not only responsible for your house looks but your fun times too.

We hope this article helps you with getting the right product.

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