Kohler lintelle toilet reviews 2021 – Comparison Guide

A toilet is a vital part of everyday life, and you’d be worried if it starts to fail. That is precisely the reason you should never compromise on the quality and durability of the brand once you decide to buy one.

Kohler lintelle toilet

There are hundreds of toilet brands available in the market that claims to provide a high-quality product with outstanding features, but not every brand stands to their words. Besides, some old and new brands are trying to retain their customers by continuously updating their products. Still, you can’t replace your toilet every time your favorite brand comes up with something new and updates its features.

Keeping this fact in mind, we are here to give you a detailed comparison of some of the best toilets brands in the market: Kohler and Glacier Bay. Both brands are worth talking here, and have been around for more than 100 years and have been considered the best in the toilet market.

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Let’s dive into further details and explore what makes them stand out.

Kohler lintelle toilet reviews

Kohler and Glacier Bay have a wide variety of toilets that are suitable for everyone. Both brands promise to provide remarkable quality, which lasts for years.


Kohler lintelle toilet are more simple, basic with lots of features. They are quite big with lots of space in front and back. They usually don’t put effort into making fancy products, different styles, and unique designs.

However, you can find a variety of designs, styles, colors, textures in Kohler lintelle toilet. Kohler would be the best option if you plan a particular theme for your washrooms or want to do something extra. Besides, you can get “classic” to “luxury” styles from Kohler and everything in between according to your taste and preferences.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the toilet play a vital role in the overall look of the bathroom. It is all about comfort sitting, and you don’t want to compromise on that. You have to plan everything before buying a perfect toilet. You must know what size and shape will correctly adjust to the bathroom and make a purchase accordingly.

The general shape of the toilet is “compact.” They have a round or square-shape seat that occupies relatively less space in washrooms. Compact toilets are an excellent choice for small bathrooms, and you can find the best ones in Kohler. Whereas Glaciers bay also have small size toilets, but they usually deal with elongated bowls. They are famous for large size toilets and usually leave space in front and back of the seat. If you are not concerned with washroom size and have a large vacant space, you can opt for these toilets.

Moreover, elongated shapes have benefits as well as drawbacks. They are not proving to be ideal if you have kids. Children usually face difficulty due to their large size, and they would have a hard time sitting and managing on the toilet. So, learn everything about the bathroom and buy accordingly.

Type of Toilet

There are two types of toilets available; one-piece and two-piece. They are not much different from each other but have some notable similarities too. If your washroom is small or has kids in the house, we recommend getting one-piece. It is more compact and easy to use for everyone. Also, the cleaning and maintenance of the one-piece toilet are user-friendly and affordable.

Kohler and Glacier bay have both types of toilets available in their product range. Kohler can guarantee both types’ durability, but Glacier bay customers claim that their one-piece product range is better than the two-piece. If you want a two-piece toilet, we recommend you to get it from Kohler as it is more durable than the Glacier.

Water consumption and flushing system

It is the most crucial factor in the best toilet. The Flushing system decides the fate of the toilet brand; after all, this is what we are getting a toilet, right? To flush out the waste.

Brands work day and night to enhance the flushing system of the toilet to satisfy their customers. Some claim to drain the waste in a single flush by using less possible water. Some say otherwise. Brands try to save as much as possible water through their flushing system and consume less to impress customers by not burdening their water bills.

Single flush system and gravity flushing are the traditional toilet flushing options. Unfortunately, Glacier bay is still stuck to the older systems, making noise when flushing and refuse to update their toilets to the new technology. Whereas if we talk about Kohler toilets, they come up with an alternative pressure-lite system. It is a more reliable one and consumes less water with the same pressure.

Toilet Price Range

Prices of both brands vary with their type, design, and features. Kohler lintelle toilet has a wide variety, so their prices are also unpredictable and set according to the product. Whereas, Glacier bay does not play with colors, textures, and design and produce a simple product, so their prices are relatively low.

But you must be aware of what you need and how many features rich products you want. It will be a one-time purchase, and if it is done correctly, it will last for years.so; we advise you not to compromise your choice and quality after a few dollars.


Bottom Line

Washrooms play a vital role in the overall look of the house. It is a place you can not avoid while giving your home a makeover. You may have large or small washrooms, but it doesn’t matter anymore because the toilet brands are working on the different sizes and shapes to give your bathroom an appealing yet comfortable look. Furthermore, we have so many brands that are continuously coming up with exceptional products, but we chose the two best toilet brands to give you an idea for your next washroom makeover.

We hope this comparison gave ou a fair idea about what to choose and why.

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