What is Smart TV?

Recently, the TVs you see in the market are all Smart. Apart from the TV’s sleek and decent look, it has several impressive features that make it stand out and being Smart. You would feel a whole lot of difference in using smart Tv as compared to the standard ones.

Basically, Smart TVs are the ones that you can connect with WiFi and the internet to stream your favorite content. You can also download apps, play games, connect your phone/tabs with a TV to watch your content on big screens, use social networks, download stuff, and much more. You would feel yourself in a different world once you get your hands on one of the best Smart TVs in the market.

What is Smart TV

However, every brand offers different features and app sources in their models. User-interface also varies like Samsung uses the Tizen platform. Sony has an Android operating sysem, and many brands use third party operating systems to make their Smart TVs interesting for their customers. But every brand has one common thing in their TVs, Smartness and advanced technology!

So, you no longer have to connect your TV with a dumb AV source or with HDTV antennas. You only have to make sure of a good internet connection and boom! Start streaming movies on Netflix, catch up with a fascinating documentary series on Hulu, play video games by just plugging HDMI cables and enjoy!

At last, how can anyone forget the most exciting part of Smart TVs? It is the compatibility with your home devices. Some models have a built-in feature of managing and controlling your smart home appliances like lights, locks, and everything with a connectivity option from your bed. Besides, your Smart TV has a built-in voice control assistant feature that would do the job of managing, searching content on TV, browsing and playing content for you, switching off the lights, and other relative things.

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